Smart Customs

UX / UI Designer
Service Render:
Tools Used:
Sketch, Zeplin

Smart Customs is an application for customs agent and charterer to manage their trade business.

By using this app, users are able to manage import and export declarations or track cargo progress.

Fig 1. A scene of trade business,

The client, LOGINNETWORK, is a company that mainly offers solutions for fast global import/export customs clearance with its own data processing technology of simple repeated work or OCR to change image/pdf files to data.

The client requested our studio to create an application named Smart Customs that both customs agents and charterer can manage their trade business more efficiently by combining 3 different existing products already made by the client.  

Since I worked in a studio with a group of three, I participated in every process, inevitably. I mainly took charge of creating system architecture, rough wireframes and visual components.

Latest Works

With almost 1 year of experience I can
deliver the best product design.

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