OAE Electronics

UX / UI Designer
Service Render:
Tools Used:
Sketch, Zeplin

OAE Electronics is a broadcasting management tool. With this product, users are able to manage thousands of broadcating lists more easily.

Fig 1. A logo of OAE Electronics, oae.co.kr

OAE Electronics is also the client’s company name. One of tasks that client does is solving problems of wired village broadcasting system.

The system requires high-maintenance of wires and by the wired village speaker broadcasting, it is not enough to reach and communicate to every household.

Fig 2. A visualization of a solution for wired village broadcasting system, oae.co.kr

By installing wireless speaker broadcasting system in each household, it was possible to solve the problems arose from the wired broadcasting.

That is why the client, OAE Electronics, requested to our studio to create the broadcasting management tool for the village director.

While I was working on the project, I wore various hats since it’s a studio with a group of three. I participated in every process, but mainly took charge of designing pop up pages and buttons.

Latest Works

With almost 1 year of experience I can
deliver the best product design.

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